family business

bieq partners w/ a family-run Peruvian knitwear manufacturer. Patricia, one of the sisters who owns the business has a love for fashion, and feels deeply connected to their artisinal knitters and nature. Motivated to improve their quality of life, she started her knitwear supply business. 

Jose, her husband, brings expertise in design calculations. Patricia’s sister, Milagros, excels in all the small details that make a bieq product unique. The team comprises of approximately 60 artisans, and it can easily scale up to meet increased demand for orders. 

Angélique also collaborates w/ a small Peruvian company that crafts exquisite alpaca/wool blankets, available in the webshop. Later in 2023, she’ll be heading to Lima and returning with additional insights and photos about this production.


Our supplier offers various production options, from machine-knitted panels, hand machine knitwear, to entirely hand-knitted items. The latter option is considerably more expensive.


For our autumn/winter23 collection we opted for machine-knitted panels, which are then meticulously hand-finished and manually assembled. This provides employment opportunities for the artisans working in the ateliers.


In the adjacent photo, you can see Janet meticulously assembling the machine-knitted panels with this device, stitch by stitch.

John & his team

We also met John and his team who live in the outskirts of Lima /Peru. Seeing these home-based knitters with their hand knitting machines was deeply touching, realizing the financial impact our knitting work can have on their lives.

For our autumn/winter24 collection, our goal is to produce a number of items on hand-knitting machines to provide employment for John and his team. To be continued!

peru vibes

When she’s in town for business, Angélique immerses herself in the delightful Peruvian vibes of Lima. From the charming Barranco neighbourhood and scenic coastal running routes, to the more businesslike area of San Isidro, w/ its beautiful Bosque El Olivar, bustling w/ energetic electric steps. She also indulges in the delicious ceviche and embraces everything that Inca culture has to offer.