bieq is a Dutch studio w/ an international approach to the craftsmanship of knitting. Founder and creative director Angélique Roelofsen, driven by her profound passion for design, fashion, architecture and food, continually seeks to blend innovation w/ tradition.


In this fast-paced era, bieq’s mission is to preserve the art of knitting while simultaneously generating honest job opportunities in developing countries. The studio has embraced Peru, incorporating its rich knitting heritage into their endeavors.


Grandmother Riek lived in an authentic Dutch dyke house, where she taught the art of knitting to Angélique at a young age. This inspired her love for the craft and nurtured her creativity.

For Angélique it was utterly captivating that a single thread had the power to create a clothing item. 


Today her designs strike a balance between stylish refinement and raw authenticity w/ many pieces being unisex.


bieq emphasizes sustainability by using natural materials such as pure merino wool. The wool is durably produced, dyed w/o pesticides or other toxins and spun locally.


Our buttons are designed by our team and manufactured using only natural materials, derived from local Peruvian bull horns. This makes our buttons eco-friendly, entirely plastic free and showcases our commitment to sustainability and the environment.